Zillinger brand brings you the highest innovation together with time-honored tradition. Zillinger has over centuries of experience in producing high quality tableware, cookware, knives and porcelain. We are represented around the world and the excellency in our craftsmanship is what has made us a reliable and loved brand throughout the years.

Whenever you see a Zillinger brand you can count on highest Swiss technology and design. With our Swiss authenticity we provide our customers not only a touch of European quality but also a style and design to make every house a home.  Our product designs are tasteful and the variety provides every individual a freedom to sculpt their homes according to their individual preference. Zillinger products have had a unique style for centuries, yet we have never forgotten the importance of product functionality and convenience. We have managed to keep innovating ourselves throughout the years and grow as a brand. This has helped us to understand our customers, their needs and helped us to aspire to retain only the best in our products.

At Zillinger we believe that making and enjoying culinary treats can be achieved in your own home. Our mission is to make your home tastefully designed yet user friendly and healthy. When using Zillinger products you can count on highest materials which guarantees your health yet provides a luxurious experience in your own home. Luxury has to bring comfort in our life and with Zillinger you can braid a taste of that in your every-day life. Luxury lies in finer details, yet we have managed to design our  products for comfort, stability and endurance. We believe that this is the answer to Zillinger's success and the vast positive feedback from our customers throughout the years. When using Zillinger you can count on best and hand choosen materials which help you to maintain the fine art of indulgence in your own home. We have preserved our identity for centuries now and many more to come - while moving along with times - this is what makes Zillinger a timeless product for every occasion.

With Zillinger you do not have to choose between comfort and luxury. Find your favorites from our product range and start doing what you love in style. Whether it is cooking for a family, setting a dinner table, organizing events or even a simple afternoon tea with family or friends - luxury is timeless.